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White Porcelain Teaware Set

White Porcelain Teaware Set

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🍵 Exquisite Gong-fu Cha Tea Set: Journey through Every Sip 🍵

When tradition meets elegance, what you get is our comprehensive Gong-fu Cha Tea Set. Crafted for both tea enthusiasts and novices alike, this set encapsulates the essence of the time-honored Chinese tea ceremony while embracing the needs of the modern tea lover.

What's Inside:

  • White Porcelain Teapot: A true blend of classic design with modern utility, our teapot ensures each brew retains its flavor and warmth.

  • Four Porcelain Cups with Saucers: Perfect in size, these cups ensure every sip is as good as the last, and the accompanying saucers add a touch of class.

  • Glass Chahai (Fairness Pitcher): Witness the dance of tea leaves and the mesmerizing hue of the brew in our transparent Chahai.

  • Bamboo Utensils: These add a touch of nature to your brewing process, ensuring you handle your tea with care.

  • Tea Caddy: Safely store your treasured teas in our elegant caddy, keeping them fresh and aromatic.

Travel with Tea:

Every tea lover knows the joy of brewing on the go. Choose from:

  • Cloth Carrying Case: Available in understated grey and warm apricot shades.

  • Leatherette Carrying Case: Enhance your style quotient with options in blue, khaki, or ravishing red.

Optional Add-On:

For those who value the full experience, consider adding our:

  • Tea Tray: Made of durable melamine, crowned with a bamboo top. Perfect for catching any spills and adding a dash of luxury. 

Dimensions & Details:

  • Tea Tray Size: 32x19x4.3 cm (12.6x7.5x1.7 inches)
  • Package Dimensions: 34.5x20.5x13.5 cm (13.6x8.1x5.3 inches)
  • Package Weight:
    • Without tray: 1.8 Kg (3.97 lbs)
    • With tray: 2.6 Kg (5.73 lbs)

Crafted to perfection, this Gong-fu Cha Tea Set is your all-in-one solution for a profound tea experience, whether in the comfort of your home or on a serene mountain top. Immerse in the art of tea brewing, celebrating every drop. Your tea journey, elevated. 🍵✨

Shipping Information:

This item ships from China and usually arrives in 15 days.


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