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Triangle Tianmu Tea Cups with Oil Drops Glaze

Triangle Tianmu Tea Cups with Oil Drops Glaze

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🌟 Introducing our Celestial Oil Drops Black Triangle Cups from Tianmu—A Sip of History and Elegance! 🌟

Do you fancy partaking in an age-old tradition steeped in artistic finesse and royal allure? Say hello to our Oil Drops Black Triangle Cups, a masterpiece in ceramic art hailing from the Tianmu mountains in Fujian.

🖤 What Makes Them Unique?

1. Historical Lineage: Originating 800 years ago during the Southern Song Dynasty, Tianmu glazed ware gained imperial favor and has been a cornerstone of Chinese and Japanese tea ceremonies ever since.

2. Japanese Tenmoku: Our Tianmu cups are a global sensation! They are highly revered in Japan, known as Tenmoku cups, and are the go-to choice for noble ceremonies. In fact, the Seto family of craftsmen have preserved and evolved this ancient style.

3. A National Treasure: Three original Tianmu cups have even made it to Japan's list of National Treasures. Now, that’s what we call an honor!

4. Perfect Size: With a diameter of 6.8cm (2.7") and a height of 3.8cm (1.5"), these cups are designed for the perfect Chinese tea ceremony.

🖤 The Magic of Oil Drops Glaze

The mesmerizing 'Oil Drops' glaze is akin to a night sky brimming with stars, making each sip a cosmic journey.

🖤 Why Choose Our Tianmu Black Triangle Cups?

  • Rich in history and artistry
  • Ideal size for traditional tea ceremonies
  • Exquisite oil drop glaze for aesthetic pleasure
  • A cross-cultural treasure

Pour yourself into a world of tradition, luxury, and exquisite craftsmanship with these celestial cups. Elevate your tea ceremony to a heavenly experience now! 🍵✨

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