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Teaware Set for Matcha Tea

Teaware Set for Matcha Tea

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🍵 Beginner's Japanese Tea Set: The Ultimate Matcha Gateway 🍵

Ah, the serene world of matcha! The emerald liquid that dances in the cup and the meditative art of preparing it—oh, it's a lifetime experience! Whether you're a matcha maestro in the making or just curious about the leafy elixir, our Beginner's Japanese Tea Set is the perfect starting point.

🌟 What's Inside the Wooden Case 🌟

  • Chawan (Tea Bowl): A Tenmoku masterpiece available in four hypnotizing glazes—Black Gold, Hare Fur, Hundred Flowers, and Oil Drops.
  • Chasen (Tea Whisk): Crafted to mix, mingle, and create that frothy matcha perfection.
  • Chashaku (Tea Scoop): For measuring the right dose of happiness (read: matcha).
  • Ceramic Tea Caddy: To keep your matcha as fresh as a spring morning.
  • Chasen Holder: Because even a chasen needs a cozy bed.
  • Water Vessel: Hydration or preparation, water is always in the equation.
  • Ornamental Duck: Hey, who says tea time can't be cute?

🌟 The Glorious Tenmoku Style 🌟
So, what's the big deal about Tenmoku? Originating from the Tianmu mountains in China, Tenmoku ceramics are deeply revered and prized for their intricate glazes. Developed nearly 800 years ago, this style has found its place in the imperial courts and even Japanese tea ceremonies for the noble. A Tenmoku piece isn't just a bowl; it's history, culture, and art—all mixed into one.

🌟 Made for Matcha, Made for You 🌟
Though crafted in China, every element in this set is tailor-made for traditional Japanese matcha preparation. You might as well call it a "cultural exchange" in a box!

🌟 Sealed with Love in a Wooden Case 🌟
Wrapped and tucked in a beautiful wooden case, this set makes for a thoughtful gift or an exciting addition to your own tea collection.

So why not take a sip into tradition and finesse? Upgrade your tea-time with this incredible beginner's set and feel the magic of matcha flow through you! 🍵✨

Gift box size: 40cm long and 23.5cm wide. Height 11cm

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