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Tea cups "Rabit Fur" from Dehua

Tea cups "Rabit Fur" from Dehua

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🐰 Hop into a World of Luxurious Tea Moments with Our "Rabbit Fur" Ceramic Tea Cups! 🐰

What's as comforting as a bunny snuggle and as joyful as a springtime hop? It's our divinely crafted "Rabbit Fur" Dehua ceramic tea cups, here to infuse your tea times with a dose of adorable and a sprinkle of sophistication! 🐇✨

🎨 A Rainbow of Choices:
Who says tea is a monochrome affair? Dazzle your senses with 6 luscious shades—classic white, chic grey, bold black, romantic red, soothing sand, and earthy beige. Mix it up or go matchy-matchy—either way, it’s a color parade in every sip!

🍵 Room for That Extra Sip:
Let’s talk dimensions, darling! Our cups come with a generous 70ml volume, which is about 2.4 oz for our imperial friends. At a diameter of 6.7cm (2.6 inches) and a height of 4.9cm (1.9 inches), it's slightly roomier than your average tea cup—because when it comes to tea, size does matter! 😉

🐰 Touchy-Feely Goodness:
Wrapped in our dreamy "Rabbit Fur" glaze, these cups beckon your fingers for a caress. The texture is so inviting, it’s like petting a velvety bunny without the need to feed it carrots! 🥕💕

🏺 Built Like a (Tea) Rock:
Crafted from durable and famous Dehua ceramic, these cups aren't just about the cutesy looks. They're sturdy, easy to clean, and totally prepared for those piping hot brews or ice-cold concoctions. A true all-rounder! 🌟

🎁 Solo or Squad Goals:
Pick your fancy! Whether you want to curate your own kaleidoscope of colors or go full-on monochrome, we’ve got you. Choose individual cups or grab a set in all six color-tastic hues! 🌈

So, what's the hold-up? Put a spring in your sip and hop these "Rabbit Fur" cups into your cart. Trust us, your tea leaves are practically pirouetting in their tins, eager to grace these cups! 🌿👯‍♂️

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