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Small Xi Shi teapot - Gold Leaf

Small Xi Shi teapot - Gold Leaf

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Feast Your Eyes on the "Gold Leaf" Yi Xing Xi Shi Teapot—Where Craftsmanship, History, and Pure Opulence Converge! ✨🍃

For those who crave the finer things in life, this teapot is your steaming cup of "I've made it."

🎨 Gold Leaf Grandeur:
Real specs of gold paint dance across the Da Hong Pao clay, turning each pot into a unique work of art. This isn't your grandma's teapot—unless she's a queen, then maybe. 👑

🍵 The Magic of Da Hong Pao Clay:
Crafted from the revered Da Hong Pao clay, this teapot doesn't just hold your tea; it enhances it. Especially recommended for South Fujian and Taiwanese oolongs, prepare to taste your tea like never before. 🌟

📏 Size Does Matter:
We're talking about a 100ml volume (3.4 oz), a length of 10cm (3.9 inches), and a height of 6cm (2.4 inches). In tea ceremony terms, it's the perfect balance between elegance and functionality.

🏺 Xi Shi Shape—A Sensuous Silhouette:
The Xi Shi design (西施乳), inspired by the famous beauty's breast, adds a layer of sensuous artistry to the pot. It's not just a shape; it's a statement.

🌟 Nine-Hole Spout—The Details:
With 9 meticulously crafted holes in the spout, each pour is smooth, even, and absolutely divine. It's the kind of perfection you didn't know you needed.

Pure Craftsmanship:
Handmade to perfection, each "Gold Leaf" teapot is a labor of love and skill—an embodiment of true craftsmanship. This teapot isn't for modest steeping; it's for evoking a sense of luxury and grandeur.

🎁 The Ultimate Luxury Gift:
This is the pot for those who know and appreciate the finer things in life. It’s more than a teapot; it's a symbol of elegance.

So, are you ready for a sip of opulence? Let the "Gold Leaf" Yi Xing Xi Shi Teapot elevate your tea experience from everyday to extraordinary! 🌱👑🍵

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Steeped in Pure Luxury,

💎 The TeaJewel Family 🍵💖

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