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Small tea cups - "Summer Ice"

Small tea cups - "Summer Ice"

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🌞🍵 Hello, Sunshine Sippers and Tea Aficionados! 🍵🌞

Introducing the "Summer Ice" Glass Tea Cup Collection—Because Tea Time is Better on the Rocks! ❄️☕

🌞 Sip in the Summertime:
Who says tea is only for chilly days? Meet your new summer love affair: our "Summer Ice" glass tea cups, perfect for hot days when you're longing for something cool. The irregular shape of each cup mimics the refreshing allure of ice, turning each sip into a summer escapade!

🌈 Three Flavors of Cool:
Choose from three delicious designs—clear glass for purity, frosted glass for a touch of mystery, or clear glass with a golden edge for that extra bling. Whatever your style, we’ve got the ice-cold chill to match.

📐 Just the Right Size:
Each cup measures 5.5 cm in diameter (about 2.2 inches), with a height of 4 cm (approximately 1.6 inches) and an inner diameter of 4.5 cm (roughly 1.8 inches). These cups are petite, but they pack a punch of flavor and style!

💎 Optional Saucers—Because Why Not?:
Want to complete the look? Pair your "Summer Ice" cup with a saucer in the same design. Now, that's what we call sipping in style!

🌟 Why These Cups?:
Sure, you can sip your summer tea from any cup, but these are the ones that will make each session a story. It's not just tea; it's a moment frozen in time, captured in a cup.

🎁 Gift the Chill:
Got a friend whose summer is sizzling? Gift them this collection, and they’ll be forever grateful. These cups are a chill pill in glass form!

Ready to break the ice? Snag your "Summer Ice" glass tea cup set and make this summer sizzle and chill at the same time! ❄️🔥☕

Cheers to a Cool Brew, 💎 The TeaJewel Family 🍵💖

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