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Ruyao Tea Cups: The Four Seasons

Ruyao Tea Cups: The Four Seasons

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🍵✨ Presenting: The Four Seasons Ruyao Celadon Tea Cup Collection ✨🍵


🌸 An ensemble of cups, each telling a distinct story, inspired by the natural wonders that color the four seasons. The epitome of elegance, culture, and sensory delight all rolled into one beautiful package. 🌸

The Ruyao Advantage

Steeped in tradition dating back 800 years, Ruyao celadon is the hidden jewel of Chinese ceramics. Crafted by skilled artisans from Jingdezhen, these cups not only offer a soft velour-like texture but also feature crackles that gracefully age with your sips of darker teas, creating a personalized patina over time.

Four Seasons, Four Designs 🌷🍂❄️🌿

  • Magnolia: Evoke the blooms of spring with each sip.
  • Feather: Feel the lightness of summer air brushing against your skin.
  • Carp: Dive into autumnal introspection and quietude.
  • Mountain Range: Experience the majesty of winter landscapes.

Size and Volume

  • Volume: 80-90ml (Approximately 2.7 - 3 fl oz)
  • Color: Mesmerizing Gray-Blue

Features You'll Adore

1️⃣ Heat Retention: These cups are particularly well-suited for darker teas. Your brew stays warm, allowing for a slow, contemplative tea session.

2️⃣ Gift Box Option: Elevate your gift-giving game. These make for a truly memorable and unique present, beautifully encased in an optional elegant gift box.

3️⃣ Visual Harmony: The gray-blue hue harmoniously complements each hand-painted design, making each cup a standalone masterpiece or a stunning set when combined.

🎁 Whether as an opulent gift or a personal indulgence, the Four Seasons Ruyao Celadon Tea Cup Collection transports you through time and landscapes with each brew. 🍵

Why choose just one season when you can enjoy them all? With these cups, your tea experience becomes a year-round journey. 🌏

Add this timeless collection to your cart and let your tea adventures begin! 🛒✨

Shipping Information:

This item ships from China and usually arrives in 15 days.


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