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Modern Ruyao Kiln Ceramic Tea Cup - WhiskerSip

Modern Ruyao Kiln Ceramic Tea Cup - WhiskerSip

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🐱☕ Meet WhiskerSip: The Modern Ruyao Ceramic Tea Cup That's Purr-fect for Tea Aficionados! ☕🐱

Why Choose WhiskerSip? 🐾

🌱 A Classic Art in Modern Attire:
Crafted with love from beautiful light-grey Ruyao celadon, this tea cup fuses playful modern minimalism with the time-honored elegance of traditional Chinese art. WhiskerSip is an ode to the tea aficionado who loves both new-age vibes and age-old traditions.

🎨 Adorable & Artistic:
The cup showcases a cute cat image, giving your tea time a touch of whimsy. Perfect for anyone who's a tea lover and a cat lover (aren't we all? 😻).

🌱 A Touch of History:
Originating 700 years ago in the late Song Dynasty, Ruyao is one of the five famous celadon styles of China. The craft saw a revival by modern ceramists in Jingdezhen, and WhiskerSip is a splendid testament to this rebirth.

🎨 Textures & Tones:
Ruyao and Diyao may be celadon cousins, both flaunting a soft, velour-like texture. The delicate yet visible crackles in the Ruyao glaze will deepen in tone as you enjoy dark teas, leaving behind a stunning patina over time.

🌱 Bigger Is Better, but Cozy Is Key:
With a volume of 85 ml (3 oz), the WhiskerSip offers a slightly larger than average capacity without losing that cozy, personal feel.

A Cup for the Modern Tea Drinker 🍵

This cup not only adds aesthetic joy to your tea routine but also grows more beautiful with each steep, offering a sentimental journey through the evolution of your tea-drinking history.

The WhiskerSip Experience 🌈

Make tea time your meow time with this enchanting blend of traditional artistry and modern magic.

Shipping Information:

This item ships from China and usually arrives in 15 days.

🍵 Pour, Sip, Purr... Repeat!

🐾 Paw-sitively Yours,
The TeaJewel Family

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