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Glass Cups "Do ni Ume-no Hana"

Glass Cups "Do ni Ume-no Hana"

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Introducing "Do ni Ume-no Hana" (銅に梅の花) — The Epitome of Elegance in Glass Tea Cups 🌸

Intricacy Meets Simplicity: Designed with the serene nuances of Japanese aesthetics, this new collection, "Do ni Ume-no Hana," embodies the essence of sophistication and beauty. With these cups, your tea ceremony will not just be an act, but a statement.

🎨 Hammered Copper Resemblance & Plum Blossom 🌸

Emulating the rustic beauty of hammered copper, these textured glass cups are in a league of their own. The exquisite metal plum flower adorning the side adds an extra dash of timeless elegance, enhancing every sip with beauty.

🍵 Perfect for Lighter Teas 🌱

Crafted from thick glass, these cups are ideal companions for all types of Chinese tea. However, they shine especially when paired with lighter teas like green, white, and some oolongs. Their design elevates the delicacy and hues of your favorite infusions.

📐 Versatile Volume & Shape 🍵

  • Volume: Ranging from 40-60ml, we offer cups in various shapes to complement your unique tea ceremony.
  • Material: Durable Textured Glass
  • Attachment: Metal Plum Flower

💡 Carefully Hand Wash Only 🌸

To maintain their intricate beauty, these cups are not dishwasher safe. We recommend a simple rinse in water to keep them sparkling.

🎁 A Thoughtful Gift or Personal Indulgence 🌱

Available individually or as part of an elegant set, these glass cups make an exceptional gift for any tea lover or a divine addition to your own collection.

🌟 Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Experience Extraordinary? 🍵

These stunning cups are where craftsmanship meets sip-manship! Ready to transform your tea ceremony into a work of art?

✨ 'Add to Cart' and Savor the Sublime! 🛒🍵

Cheers to a new chapter of refined tea rituals! 🌸🍵✨

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