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Geyao Kiln Celadon Tea Cup

Geyao Kiln Celadon Tea Cup

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🍵 The Geyao Kiln Celadon Tea Cup Collection: Elegance Crystallized in Each Sip 🌱

Greetings, Tea Connoisseurs and Art Lovers! 🌟 What if we told you that your tea cup could be as extraordinary as the tea itself? Behold, our Geyao Kiln Celadon Tea Cup Collection—an ensemble that turns each tea time into a poetic experience. 🍵🎨

A Symphony in Crackle Glaze 🌱🍵

These cups are crafted from Geyao Kiln celadon, famous for its enchanting crackle glaze with dark inlay. The intricate patterns bring to life a timeless beauty, like nature's own sketch etched onto each cup.

Variety is the Spice of Tea-Life 🍵🌱

Offering a range of volumes from 50 ml to 120 ml, these cups are versatile companions for different occasions and tea types. Whether you're in the mood for a petite sip of Pu-erh or a generous serving of Jasmine, this collection accommodates your every desire.

Quick Brew Facts 📝

  • Material: Geyao Kiln Celadon
  • Type: Crackle glaze with dark inlay
  • Volume: Ranging from 50 ml (about 1.7 fl oz) to 120 ml (about 4 fl oz)

Elevate the Ordinary to Extraordinary 🍵🎨

As you hold these celadon treasures, you'll feel the texture of centuries-old artisan craftsmanship. The gentle curve of each cup fits seamlessly into your hand, bringing a sense of harmony and calm to your tea ritual.

The Perfect Gift for the Tea-Art Aficionado 🎁🍵

These celadon cups are more than just drinking vessels; they are collectibles that honor the beauty of both the tea and the art. A perfect gift for those who appreciate the aesthetic essence in everyday life.

Don't miss the chance to own a piece of history and artistry in the world of tea. Click 'Add to Cart' and let these Geyao Kiln Celadon cups grace your tea ceremonies. 🛒🍵

Your Tea. Your Art. Your Moment. 🍵🎨

At TeaJewel, we believe that a cup of tea can be a brushstroke in the canvas of life. Join us in sipping from a masterpiece. 🍵🎨

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