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Gaiwan "Pine and Plum" Hand-Painted

Gaiwan "Pine and Plum" Hand-Painted

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🍵✨ Behold: The Pine & Plum Blossom Ceramic Gaiwan ✨🍵

Step into an enchanting tea journey with our ceramic gaiwan, a delicate confluence of nature-inspired artistry and time-honored tradition.

A Tapestry of Nature's Finest

Each gaiwan is adorned with a hand-painted masterpiece showcasing the ethereal beauty of pine and plum blossoms. Set against a soothing off-white backdrop, the tranquil blue of the painting conjures up images of serene winter landscapes.

Perfectly Crafted Dimensions

  • Diameter: 10cm (Approximately 3.94 inches)
  • Height: 7.2cm (Approximately 2.83 inches)

With these dimensions, this gaiwan sits comfortably in your hands, allowing for the perfect tea steeping and sipping experience.

The Elegance of Ceramic Craftsmanship

The choice of ceramic embodies tradition and ensures that every brew is a pristine experience. The natural off-white hue of the gaiwan, punctuated with the soft blue painting, makes it a stunning addition to any tea table.

Why Choose Our Pine & Plum Blossom Gaiwan?

1️⃣ Unique Artistry: Hand-painted designs ensure each gaiwan is a singular work of art.

2️⃣ Traditional Elegance: Rooted in centuries of tea culture, our gaiwan embodies the spirit of traditional tea ceremonies.

3️⃣ Ideal Size: The size and design offer an intimate and immersive tea experience.

🎁 Whether you're beginning your journey into the world of tea or are a seasoned enthusiast, our Pine & Plum Blossom Ceramic Gaiwan offers an unparalleled experience of elegance and tradition.

Experience the poetry of tea with every steep. 🌿✨

Immerse yourself in the essence of traditional tea rituals. Add this timeless piece to your collection today! 🛒✨

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This item ships from China and usually arrives in 15 days.

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