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Feng Qing Jin Si Baota - Fengqing Golden Silk Pagoda

Feng Qing Jin Si Baota - Fengqing Golden Silk Pagoda

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Feng Qing Jin Si Baota

Brewing Instructions

🍵 How to brew Feng Qing Jin Si Baota red tea: 🍵

Gong Fu Cha Method:

  1. Vessel Selection: Opt for a gaiwan or a teapot with medium to high heat retention.
  2. Tea Quantity: Use 7 grams of tea for every 100 ml of the brewing vessel.
  3. Water Temperature: Ensure the water is between 90-100°C.
  4. Brewing: Pour the water over the tea leaves.
  5. Steeping Time: Allow the tea to steep briefly, 5-10 seconds. Increase the steeping time slightly with each subsequent infusion.
  6. Rebrew: You can brew the tea up to 8 times, savoring the evolving flavors with each infusion.

Western-Style Brewing:

  1. Vessel Selection: Use a ceramic or metal teapot.
  2. Tea Quantity: Add 2 grams of tea for every 100 ml of water in the teapot.
  3. Water Temperature: Use freshly boiled water.
  4. Steeping Time: Let the tea steep for about 7 minutes.
  5. Brewing: Pour the boiling water over the tea leaves, ensuring they're fully submerged.
  6. Rebrew: This method is typically for a single, longer infusion. Enjoy the robust flavors in one go!

Shipping Information:

This tea ships from Canada or Portugal and usually arrives in 5-10 days.

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