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Cup Set - Pond in the Sky

Cup Set - Pond in the Sky

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🍵 The "Pond in the Sky" Porcelain Cups: Where Heaven Meets Earth in Every Sip 🐟☁️

Hey, Tea Adventurers and Daydreamers! 🌟 How about we elevate your tea ceremony to the skies? Get ready to sip your favorite brews from our "Pond in the Sky" Porcelain Cup Set! It's the fusion of earthly beauty and heavenly colors. 🌈🍵

Sky's the Limit with These Designs 🎨🌌

No two clouds are alike, and neither are these cups! Each of the 4 cups in the set has a slightly unique design, but they all bask in a resplendent rich-blue sky color. Imagine drinking tea from a cloud, and you’re almost there! 🌦️

A Celestial Canvas 🐟🌼

Adorning each cup is a golden tableau featuring a koi-fish pond and a blooming lotus. The designs blend seamlessly into the sky, as if bringing a slice of paradise down to your teatime.

A Generous Taste of the Heavens 🌌🍵

At approximately 7.8cm wide (about 3.1 inches) and 5cm high (about 2 inches) with an 85ml capacity (nearly 2.9 fl oz), these cups offer an ample embrace for your tea. While they may be a bit generous for a traditional tea ceremony, they are perfect for those who like to savor their tea in larger sips.

Quick Heavenly Facts 📝

  • Material: Porcelain
  • Design: Rich-blue sky color with golden koi-fish and lotus
  • Size: 7.8cm wide, 5cm high or approximately 3.1 inches wide, 2 inches high
  • Capacity: About 85ml or nearly 2.9 fl oz
  • Set: Contains 4 uniquely designed cups

The Ideal Gift for Sky-gazers and Tea Lovers 🎁☁️

Picture the delight on the face of someone special when they unwrap this celestial set. Each cup is like a heavenly body, promising a galaxy of delicious sips.

Ready to take your tea ceremony sky-high? Click 'Add to Cart' and make the "Pond in the Sky" your daily escape into elevated tea drinking. 🛒🍵

Your Tea. Your Sky. Your Moment. 🍵☁️

At TeaJewel, we believe that each tea session can be an uplifting experience, literally. Choose the "Pond in the Sky" and let's soar together! 🌌🍵

Product information:

Size: about 7.8cm wide and about 5cm high, with a capacity of about 85ml
Material: Pottery
Style: Chinese

Packing list:

Gift box*1
Cup *4 PCS

Shipping Information:

This item ships from China and usually arrives in 15 days.

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