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Collection of Longquan celadon tea cups - "Dragon's Breath"

Collection of Longquan celadon tea cups - "Dragon's Breath"

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🍵🐲 Hello, Aromatic Tea Aficionados and Masculine Style Seekers! 🐲🍵

Discover "Dragon's Breath" — Our Longquan Celadon Tea Cup Collection for the Discerning Gentleman. 🌿🔥

🏛 A Royal Tradition:
Longquan Celadon—the choice of emperors and the only celadon to grace the courts of China. Descending from Longquan city, home to Geyao and Diyao, this traditional celadon captivates with its deep historical roots and unrivaled quality.

🔥 The Heat Whisperer:
Why is Longquan Celadon the master of aroma? It preserves heat like no other ceramic, allowing the most delicate oils to ascend and greet your senses. It's not just a cup—it's a connoisseur's theater for aroma.

🐲 Bold Designs for Bold Tastes:
Choose from four distinctly masculine shapes: bowl, round, triangle, and tulip, with volumes ranging from 110ml to 140ml. Each design emphasizes a bold aesthetic, much like the gentleman who chooses it.

🎁 Gift Like a King:
Impress with the optional gift box, turning your purchase into an unforgettable gift experience. A "Dragon's Breath" cup is more than a gift; it's a piece of history.

💎 Why These Cups?:
When it comes to tea, especially those with a focus on aroma, your cup matters. The smooth walls of Longquan celadon cups offer the perfect canvas for your tea's aromatic oils to shine. Heat-retaining material will help with slow and gradual release of aromatic tea oils into the surrounding air.

So, are you ready to elevate your tea experience to imperial levels? Select your favorite "Dragon's Breath" design and lose yourself in the richness of its aroma. Cheers to the days of courts and emperors, right in the palm of your hand! 🍵🔥

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This item ships from China and usually arrives in 15 days.

A Toast to Timeless Taste, 💎 The TeaJewel Family 🍵💖

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