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Chinese Vintage-style Ceramic Teapot Blue Lotus Flower

Chinese Vintage-style Ceramic Teapot Blue Lotus Flower

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🍵 The Zen Lotus Ceramic Teapot: Where Serenity Meets Tradition 🌸🍵

Hello, Tea Aficionados and Zen Seekers! 🌟 Do you hear that? It's the whisper of serenity calling you to a calming tea ritual with our "Zen Lotus" Ceramic Teapot. This teapot is where traditional artistry meets peaceful contemplation. 🌸🍵

A Canvas of Calm 🎨🌸

This exquisite teapot features a soothing light blue background that transports you straight to a tranquil pond. Adorning this peaceful canvas is a dark-blue lotus flower with intricate ornamentation, representing purity and enlightenment.

Round Like the Cycle of Life 🌏🍵

With its harmonious round shape, this teapot symbolizes unity and completeness. It measures a petite 124 mm in length (4.9 inches) and stands 74 mm high (2.9 inches), making it a compact centerpiece of your tea ceremonies.

Crafted for the Connoisseur 🍵👌

Despite its fairly thin walls, this ceramic teapot is a master at brewing. Its delicate construction is ideal for enhancing the flavors and aromas of all types of Chinese tea, from the smoky notes of Lapsang Souchong to the floral whispers of Tieguanyin.

Quick Sip Facts 📝

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Light blue with dark-blue lotus ornament
  • Dimensions: Length 124 mm or 4.9 inches, Height 74 mm or 2.9 inches
  • Shape: Round
  • Tea Compatibility: Suitable for all types of Chinese tea

The Perfect Gift for Moments of Zen 🎁🌸

Imagine sharing a tranquil tea ceremony with your loved ones, each sip steeped in mindfulness. The "Zen Lotus" teapot makes a thoughtful gift for anyone looking to elevate their tea experience into a spiritual journey.

So why settle for ordinary when you can sip from the cup of Zen? Click 'Add to Cart' to make the "Zen Lotus" Ceramic Teapot the cornerstone of your meditative tea rituals. 🛒🍵

Your Tea. Your Zen. Your Moment. 🍵🌸

At TeaJewel, we believe each cup of tea is a sip toward inner peace. So go ahead—unleash the Zen within you! 🌸🍵

Product information :
Material: Ceramic

Length: 124 mm or 4.9 inches

Height: 74 mm or 2.9 inches

Shipping Information:

This item ships from China and usually arrives in 15 days.

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