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Ceramic Glazed Teapots Longdan and Xi Shi

Ceramic Glazed Teapots Longdan and Xi Shi

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🍵 Introducing Our Melodic Medley: The Affordable Glazed Porcelain Tea Pot Collection! 🎵

Hello, Tea Virtuosos! 🌟 Looking for that perfect harmony of affordability, functionality, and sheer beauty? Meet our incredibly versatile collection of glazed porcelain tea pots that won't break the bank—or your heart! 🍵💖

A Colorful Orchestra of Choices 🌈🎨

Step up to the podium and take your pick from a dazzling array of colors: Red, Green, Blue, Red Brown, and Yellow. Each hue plays its own special part in the tea time tableau you're conducting.

Shapes That Sing 🎶🍵

Our ensemble features two classic shapes designed to complement any Chinese tea:

  • Longdan: Holding a generous 255ml, the Longdan’s elongated form promises an experience as grand as its volume.
  • Xi Shi: With a more intimate 165ml capacity, the Xi Shi shape is like a delicate aria in the world of tea, capturing the essence of each brew in every sip.

Quality That's Easy on the Wallet 🎵💸

Crafted from durable porcelain and completed with a luscious glaze, these pots bring out the best in your teas—without asking for an encore of cash. They're as versatile as they are economical, making them a great fit for any Chinese tea.

Fast Facts to Keep You in Tune 📝

  • Material: Glazed porcelain
  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Red Brown, Yellow
  • Volumes: Longdan 255ml, Xi Shi 165ml
  • Versatility: Excellent for all types of Chinese tea

A Gift That Hits the High Notes 🎁🎵

Whether it's a present for a budding tea enthusiast or a little something to brighten your own daily rituals, these tea pots offer a blend of value and elegance that resonates with every pour.

Ready to find your key to tea bliss? Click 'Add to Cart' and let these budget-friendly beauties make your tea sessions a hit chart-topping event! 🛒🍵

Your Tea. Your Tune. Your Tempo. 🍵🎶

At TeaJewel, we believe that great tea experiences should be as accessible as they are magical. So go ahead, pick your pot and let the tea flow like music to your soul! 🎵🍵

Size Information:

Longdan pot: Width: 14cm Height: 8cm Capacity: 255ml
Xishi pot: width: 13cm, height: 7.5cm capacity: 165ml

Shipping Information:

This item ships from China and usually arrives in 15 days.

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