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Blue Ceramic Teapot "Hare Fur"

Blue Ceramic Teapot "Hare Fur"

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🍵✨ Introducing: The "Hare Fur" Ceramic Teapot ✨🍵

🌌 Dive deep into a sea of tranquillity with our mesmerizing blue teapot. Elegantly painted with the captivating "hare fur" glaze, this ceramic masterpiece is not just a teapot—it's an artwork.

A Symphony in Blue

The rich blue hue, reminiscent of twilight skies, is brought to life by the ethereal hare fur glaze, a technique that presents a cascade of deeper tones, mimicking the fur patterns of a hare.

Perfect Dimensions & Functionality

  • Volume: 240ml (Approximately 8.1 fl oz)
  • Height: 10cm (Approximately 3.94 inches)
  • Length: 14.5cm (Approximately 5.71 inches)

Designed for seamless tea sessions, the teapot features a ball filter with 12 meticulously crafted holes. This ensures that your pour is consistently smooth, free of leaves, and nothing short of perfect.

Ceramic Excellence

Ceramic teapots have long been celebrated for their versatility, and this beauty is no exception. Whether you're steeping delicate white teas, robust blacks, or fragrant oolongs, this teapot will showcase the best flavors and aromas of any brew.

Why Choose Our Hare Fur Ceramic Teapot?

1️⃣ Artistry: Aesthetically pleasing hare fur glaze sets it apart, making it a centerpiece of any tea collection.

2️⃣ Universal Compatibility: Being made of ceramic, it's suited to any type of tea—giving you endless brew possibilities.

3️⃣ Smooth Pouring: The 12-hole ball filter promises a flawless pour every time.

🎁 Perfect as a gift for a tea lover or a splendid addition to your own tea ensemble, our Hare Fur Ceramic Teapot is a celebration of form, function, and sheer artistry. 🍵

Shipping Information:

This item ships from China and usually arrives in 15 days.

Invite elegance and tradition into your tea rituals. Order yours today! 🛒✨


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